As it turnes out, beaking up can actually be a good diet.
1) One loses ones appetite, reducing the food intake drastically, even when feeling hungry at the same time.
2) If one manages to not eat at night, as one should, the time spent sleeping durring the day due to all the sleepless nights, keepes one from eating.
3) As one in desperation turnes to less sentative parents for support and guidance, one is sure to hear the very thing one doesn’t want to hear, which more or less forces one to stay out of the kitchen as said parents might dwell there in order to ”set things right”.

Sadly, this diet is not for everyone. While some people don’t eat at all, others may feel the urge to eat even more than usual. However, you probably know yourself well enough to guess how you’d react, so I trust you wont be doing anything you know to be stupid, blindly taking my word for it to work.